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Communications Ministry Concept

The Great Commission instructs the disciples of Jesus to spread His teachings to all the nations of the world (Matthew 28:18–20). Therefore, at its core, the Church is missionary and its primary mission is to communicate the Gospel. Moreover, how we communicate the Gospel is a fundamental part in the overall strategy of the Church and should be integrated into its culture.

Just as Jesus came to serve others (Mark 10:45), a communications ministry should be a service ministry to all other ministries of the Church.  It should help other ministries put their faith in action more effectively. This is done not just by utilizing communication instruments, but also by embracing and integrating the current culture of communication in the surrounding environment. As a result, this will lead to Church leaders becoming communication experts thereby helping to solidify Church ministries and ensuring all are sharing the Gospel properly.

Expert communicators can help make communications adaptable to a diverse audience. For example, during Israel’s exodus from Egypt, God communicated with Israel directly (Psalm 78). However, Jesus, the Perfect Communicator, used parables when delivering the truth (Matthew 13).  This strategy shows the need for us to embrace the fact that everyone does not see and hear the same, thus, there exists opportunities for the Church to generate new forms of self-expression. Nevertheless, presenting the Word of God should be  a natural, sensitive, sharable experience, guided by the Holy Spirit.